• Aaron Gillespie – Out of The Badlands 2016

    艺 人 –Aaron Gillespie
    专 辑 –Out of The Badlands
    发 行 –2016.8.19
    厂 牌 –Tooth & Nail Records
    风 格 –Alternative Rock


    Aaron Gillespie,过多的言语去形容他一点也不过分.平静,躁动.其实个人在做一些类似indie folk的感觉,嗓音和共和有点像啊.只不过没有他们那么冲动而已。

    1.Boy Brushed Red…Living In Black And White
    2.I Can’t Make You Love Me
    3.No I Don’t
    4.Raspberry Layer Cake
    5.Reinventing Your Exit
    6.Say This Sooner
    7.Southern Weather
    8.Where The Streets Have No Names
    9.The Fox
    10.You Don’t Love Me Anymore


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