• Pray For Sound – Everything Is Beautiful 2016

    艺 人 –Pray For Sound
    专 辑 –Everything Is Beautiful
    发 行 –2016.9.23
    厂 牌 –Vinyl Records
    风 格 –Post Rock

    Web : http://www.prayforsound.com/

    来自波士顿的后摇新团Pray For Sound。成员有Bruce Malley, Nick Stewart, Chris LaRocque, Joe Aylward, Steve Aliperta,其中Bruce Malley早在年少时就当过好多乐队的主唱,12年至今乐队发型了4张专辑和一首单曲,其成绩在后摇里算是高产了,有意思的是实体专辑碟片颜色有很多种,像我这种有收集欲望的,感觉要是买就会买全所有颜色。


    1.The Ringing in Your Ears
    2.Once One Begins, There Are Only Endings
    3.They Gave up Looking
    4.I Have Seen Hell and It’s White
    5.Only When It Is Dark Enough Can You See the Stars
    6.The Light in Your Eyes
    7.Anything Can Be
    8.Everywhere, Everywhere
    9.Congratulations, You’re Alive
    10.‘Til the Summer Comes Again
    11.Valley of Unrest


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